Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Superfoods To Add To Your Diet For A Healthy Life

For Getting a healthy life we have to add Superfoods in our Diet..Such As ..
Super Food # 1: Green Tea: 
Green Tea works for weight loss . You Should add green tea part of your Morning Or Evening.
In a Day one time u should take Green Tea.It keeps healthy our Skin.
Super Food # 2 :Broccoli: Add On broccoli in our food it means we increase Vitamine C Which is full of nutrition, potassium and protein.
Nutrient prevents us from Cancer.We can it as a salad , our favourite dish as well as juice.
Super Food # 3 : Strawberries: Strawberries mostly like by everyone. it is full of vitamin C, an immunity booster, and ellagic acid which prevents cancer.
Super Food # 4 : Watermelon: Watermelon fullfil dehydration of Our Body System. lac Of Water In our Body can Make Us Sick. In Summers we need so Much Stamina for facing sunshine and ultra voilet Raise Effect.
For good health you can take it as your juices, smoothies and fresh fruit salads.

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