Rashi Yadav
7 years ago
Sore Throat Remedies that Work Like a Charm!

This is something that most of us can easily relate to! Like most things else, we have a whole long list of sore throat remedies, that can help you in no time at all! Before we discuss on how to cure a sore throat, let us quickly understand sore throat causes. This will help you prevent a sore throat in the future! A sore throat can be a real pain, but what causes it? Read below:
1.Viral infection
2.Bacterial infection
4.Environmental factors like pollution
Gargle is The Best Remedy for Sore Throat:
Gargling is hands down the best home remedy for a sore throat. When your granny asked you to gargle with warm water and salt, she knew what she was saying! Gargling with warm salt water is no myth! When we are afflicted with a sore throat, the cells in our throat and mucous membrane get affected and inflamed. This is what causes us difficulty in swallowing. Salt helps in drawing out water from the swollen glands and reduces the swelling considerably.

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