5 Foods For Glowing Skin

You are what you eat. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only helps in getting healthy body but glowing skin too. Here are top foods you need to eat for the healthy glow on skin.

Pomegranate: - The oil extracted from pomegranate seeds helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. This oil also repairs the damaged skin due to radicals and provides a youthful skin. You can also drink pomegranate juice to achieve glowing skin.


Walnuts: - Walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids that help in providing required moisture and nutrients in the skin. Walnut is a rich source of vitamin e, powerful anti-oxidants that make skin texture smooth and repairs skin.


Basil Leaves: - As perAyurveda, if you eat 3-4 tulsi leaves daily you can get rid of all health and skin problems. It evens out skin tone and the anti bacterial properties help in removing acne. The best way to use it in skincare everyday is by using it as a toner. For this you need to boil the tulsi leaves in some water after this after get cool you can use it on your face as a toner.


Sunflower Seeds: - Sunflower contains ingredients like palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin B-1 and coppers which trigger the formation of collagen, elastic and leaves you skin smooth and soft.


Yoghurt: - Yoghurt is a rich source of zinc, proteins, calcium, vitamin and probiotics.It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce face swelling, acne and irritation. The other vitamins help in glowing and hydrated skin.



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