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Common Showering Mistakes You Are Making

Bathing is one of the most basic steps to take care of our personal hygiene but do you know that your wrong bathing habits can cause many skin and hair care problems? Listed below are some of the most common showering mistakes. If you are committing any of these then change those habits.

Your soap is drying: - If you don’t choose the right moisturizing soap for your skin bar Soap can be very drying. For example, the antibacterial deodorants soaps which people specifically use in summers dries out your skin completely. So choose bar soaps which have moisturizing properties or have ingredients known as stearic acid in them.

Over Scrubbing with Loofah: - People aggressively use a loofah and wash cloth while taking a shower. Loofah can be very rough for the skin as they can strip off the natural protective layer from the body. Instead of loofah you can use a gentle baby washcloth to scrub away the dead skin from the body. In case you can’t resist using loofah then limit the frequency of scrubbing and replace your loofah every once in a while because loofah can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

You are Showering in too hot or for  too Long: - Using extreme water temperature like too hot in winters can strip away natural oils from the body. Also, don’t shower for too long in the bathroom as lipids that trap water to keep the skin moist can be stripped away.


You rub The Towel against Your Skin: - Looking for a towel right after a shower is obvious but you should gently wipe off the extra water from your body using the towel instead of rubbing the towel roughly on your hairs and body. As this can harm your hair follicles and also take out the skin moisture.

You Don’t Moisturize Sooner: - If you want your moisturizer to work for you then apply your moisturizer right when your skin is still damp. Reason being your skin absorbs moisture properly when your skin is damp. 

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