Make your eyes look different for everyday of week

Make your eyes look different for everyday of week

Eyeliner makes eyes look bold and beautiful. Eyeliner enhances the beauty of eyes and makes your whole personality look different. Natural eye line is always more beautiful and if you know how to choose and use the right type of eyeliner for your eyes then can definitely enhance your beauty.
Here is given different looks for eyes with different eyeliner fo 
everyday of week –

1. Classic Eyeliner looks very sensational and it places emphasis on eyes making them look pretty.

2. Smokey eyeliner is good for ladies having large eyelids. This style of eyeliner is perfect for bold and confident women as it is the combination of sharpness and smokiness.

3. Cat eyeliner is the simple and chic style for young ladies. For cat eyeliner style simply mark a thin line on the upper eyelid and lower eyelid and add a bit at corner of eye.

4. Winged eyeliner adds the powerful and prominent look to eyes. This style puts emphasis on the beauty of eyes and leaves everything else apart.

5. Eyeliner increases eyes charm and makes them look the most important part of your overall beauty. Double winged eyeliner makes your eyes look simple and sober you just need to choose right eyeliner suitable for your style and personality.

6. Wing tip eyeliner is something like cat eyeliner. In this style, you need to draw a sharper look on the upper line.

7. Natural Style is all about using natural colour eyeliner. When you want to go for makeup free look then style suits well.

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