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What Your Nails Says About Health

Do you know that your fingernails can suggest a lot about your health? Therefore you should take a proper look at your nails. Check the curves dip, ridges and grooves. Check if they are broken or chipped or if they have some unusual color. Given below is a comprehensive guide to different nail condition and diseases associated with them.

Spoon Nails: - Spoon nails are concave shaped, you can almost hold a drop of liquid inside these nails. If you have spoon nails chances are you have an iron deficiency or hemachromatosis. Heart problems and hypothyroidism can also be the reason. Once you take proper care of your health you will get healthy nails too.

spoon nails

Clubbed Nails: - Just the opposite of spoon nails is the clubbed nails .These nails curve outwards and look bubbled up or look a little swelled up. These nails can mean that you have lung disease or inflammatory bowel disease. It is said that low blood oxygen level causes the shape of these nails and can affect to grow long strong nails. Other possible reasons include liver problems and HIV aids too.

Clubbed Nails

Pitted Nails: - Nails with small pits and holes can be caused by banging your hand. It also means that you might be suffering from psoriasis or connective tissue disorder and zinc deficiency in the body. So make sure to protect your hands to separate natural dents and dings from real pits. The natural dents will clear up quickly but the pitted on might be linked to some serious disease.

Pitted Nails

Ridges: - Healthy nails should have smooth surface. If you have ridges lines on your nails then something is definitely wrong with your body. Rides can be caused due to anemia. Inflammatory arthritis and lupus. So don’t just avoid the ridges and consult your doctor.


Brittle Nails: - Hand cream and cuticle oil won’t help you if have naturally dried and brittle nails instead you should get your hormones and bacterial health in check. In some cases thyroid can cause brittle nails .Fungus can also make your nails dry.

Brittle Nails

Split Nails: - Split nails are not caused by biting nails or chipping in doors. They are not even caused by frequent hand washing or nail polish but It could mean something else.It is caused by vitamin C, folic acid and proteins deficiency. It is also caused by malnutrition. Therefore check what you eat.

Split Nails

Thick Nails: - Thick nail that appear like talons or claws are not normal. Thickned nails are associated with lung disease, fungal infection and even circulatory diseases.It might be caused due to allergic reaction to some new medication as well.

Thick Nails

Discolored Nails: - A pink nail with touch of pinkish white near the base is known as healthy. But if you have any other color nails part from this you might have a serious health problem. Green nails are caused by bacterial infection, red nails is a sign of heart valve infection, blue color nails means you have low oxygen level  in your blood, white nails suggests that you have a liver disease. Therefore take proper care of your nails and don’t ignore the color of your nail.

Discolored Nails

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