Eyebrows Makeup Tips : How to Fill in Your Eyebrows to Get the Ideal Look?

Eyebrows are an eloquent and significant element of appearance. Filling in your brows is one of those beauty steps where a tiny bit of effort takes you a long way, but it’s quite easy to make a mess out of it if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, let us discuss how to fill in your eyebrows and get the ideal look.

1. Start Fresh: Clean brows will let you get the best results. To make sure your brows look as perfect as possible, try choosing an eyebrow pencil
colour that matches your natural tone. 

2. Stroke
Upwards: For a fresh everyday look, start by brushing your brows in an upward direction with a spool brush to notice if there are any cranny or sparse areas that you need to fill.

Tweeze: The important step to tweezing is knowing where to tweeze. Use your eyeball as a guide, line up the grip end of the makeup brush on the outer edge of or your brow.

4. Consider Your Skin Tone

5. Outline the Rest of Your Brow


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