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6 years ago
Easy Ways To Boost Your Childs Memory

Are you worried about your child not being able to memorize bits of information? Well, you need not, because here are some tips for you which you can boost your child’s memory.

Memory Boosting Games: - Playing memory boosting games can increase the power of children’s brain. you can also play self-made memory games like asking your child to keep their belonging at the right place or by Asking questions when you out. For Example, when you pass by a friend’s place ask them who lives there? Such small games make children recall their memory.

Let Them Play: - Regular physical activity can do wonders to the brain. According to a research, as we do any movement in our body it helps in producing certain hormones that make the brain to trigger the memory. So make sure that your child is playing every day.

Demonstration: - Kids try to act like their parents. So if you want to tell your child about how to complete a task, first show them and then give them a turn. When your child does a certain task it is more effective in storing information rather than just observing.

Chunk big information into small pieces: - There is no denying in the fact that it is easier to learn small pieces of information instead of the big chunk of information. So when you are giving your child a list of directions, give it in small points.

Establish Routines: - Making small routines can help in disciplining your child. So try to establish small routines one at a time, like sleeping on time or brushing teeth before going to bed. When a routine is fixed your child will himself know what to do before going to bed.

Active Reading: - Active reading can boost memory so make sure to ask your kid questions about what they read. Even if they read a small poem or fairy tale make them read it aloud. When they read out loud it also helps in storing information better in the brain.

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