Sundar Ray
7 years ago
Boar Bristle Brush Benefits

After hearing so much about the benefits of natural boar bristle brushes, I thought I would finally try them out. I’ve always used nylon brushes in the past, but according to all the magazines and beauty gurus, they don’t offer the same benefits to hair as natural boar bristles.

Here’s the thing about natural boar bristle brushes, they have the same structure as our own hair. They are able to hold moisture and so can lift away dirt and distribute the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair. The bristles also gently massage your scalp, increasing blood flow to your hair follicles. Because of their flexible nature, boar bristles are also more gentle on hair than plastic brushes. They have the unique property to redistribute oils throughout hair, boosting shine and reducing oily roots. Boar bristle brushes have the ability polish hair, and smooth the cuticle for glossy shine.

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