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7 years ago
Skin And Hair Benefits of sleeping on silk Pillowcases

Prevents Aging: -Silk helps in Holding moisture levels of skin and hairs.It also has better absorbing properties so it can make your night cream and serums works like wonder.Most of us sleep in cotton pillowcase which easily takes out all the moisture from hairs and skin and we end up getting frizzy hairs and dry skin in the morning.When you sleep on silk pillowcases your skin glides on easily, therefore, preventing wrinkles.

Anti-Bacterial Benefits: - The natural fiber of silk has antibacterial benefits.So in case you have sensitive skin, silk pillowcase will help your skin as it can reduce the sensitivity and redness.Silk can also reduce head pain that is why it is used for chemotherapy patient and not to forget that it causes no friction so no fuss sleeps at night.

More Volume: -  When you sleep on silk pillowcases you can avoid tugging and pulling which is caused on after sleeping on cotton pillow cases.Even if you have a blow dry your hairs a day before your hairs will easily slide on the silk pillow cases and will voluminous and intact.

Bye, Bye Split Ends: - If you are waking up with frizzy, dry and bad hairs then you replace your cotton pillowcase with silk one.By Sleeping on silk pillow case you can avoid bad hair day the next morning.You can also avoid split ends and hair damage.

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