Gram flour is often called as besan in Hindi and it is made from gram. There are varieties of benefits of gram flour for skin. If we use besan/gram flour in our daily life for skin then within few days, change is visible on the skin in the form of glowing and clean skin.
Here are given beauty benefits of besan in our life –

Besan can be used for skin cleansing. Besan, when mixed with lemon, works as a perfect skin whitening home remedy. Take one tbsp besan, one tbsp lemon juice and add one tbsp raw milk and mix properly. Apply this paste all over face and scrub it in circular motion. Wash off with cold water and pat dry.

For those having oily skin can use besan as daily face wash powder. It will keep skin clean and free from dirt and bacteria as well as reduce oiliness.

Besan is very good tan remover material. Make a paste by mixing besan, turmeric, lemon juice and yogurt and apply this paste on body parts like hands and neck which are in open exposure of sun. This will remove sun tan.

This gram flour works asbody scrub and it is free from chemicals. To make perfect body scrub from besan, mix grounded oats and corn flour in it. Now add raw milk in it and make paste of it and apply this on body. This paste is good for dead skin and dirt removal. It makes skin soft and silky.

Besan provides instant fairness to skin and keep skin smooth.

Besan can be used to remove unwanted hair from skin and face.

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