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7 years ago
Benefits of Sleeping On Your Left Side

Do you know that the right sleep position is as important as getting the right amount of sleep? As per health experts sleeping on your left side is beneficial for health. So let’s find out how it benefits our overall health.


Prevents Snoring: - We all know how difficult it is to listen to someone snore in the middle of the night. Sleeping on the left side actually, helps in stop snoring because it keeps your tongue and throat in a neutral position and thus you are able to breathe clearly.

Better Heart: - This is logical, the heart is located on the left side of the body, therefore when you sleep on the left side, the lymph drainage towards the heart will provide a smoother flow of blood towards the heart due to the gravity. This will definitely reduce the load from your heart while you rest.

Improves digestion: - Just like our heart, the stomach and pancreas are also located on the left side. While sleeping on the left side allows gravity to promote better digestion of food and the food also moves easily from small to large intestine.

Enhances Lymphatic System: - As per Ayurveda, the left side of our body is leading lymphatic side. Therefore ayurvedic practitioners believe that sleeping on the left side helps the body to filter more toxins, lymph, and waste.

Relieves Back Pain: - It is believed that, when you sleep on the left side it reduces pressure on the spine. This is helpful in getting rid of back pain, it will also help you to sleep better as your body will be at ease.

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