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7 years ago
5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Breakup

Are you not happy with your relationship? Do you think that your relationship is doing more harm than any good to you? if you are planning to break it off ask the following question from yourself first.

The reason For Breakup: - Before ending up any relationship it is important that you know the main reason for the breakup. Is it really your fault or both of you are responsible for this breakup. Because if it is your fault, chances are you are going to repeat those mistakes again in a new relationship. Think about the pros and cons of your breakup and whether you and your partner genuinely loved each other or not. You might end up thinking about why the two of you didn’t break up earlier. Sometimes too much attachment can also be the reason. You can also take opinion from any of your friends and family to help you feel more confident about your decision.

Should you give it a chance:- Relationships are not meant to be perfect both the partners have to compromise on something or the other thing. So discuss with your partner’s the problems you think that is ruining your relationship it can be anything like trust issue, not giving time to each other or is one of you cheating. If possible you can also try a 30-day relationship challenge. If you two want to make it work, take advice from a counselor and communicate properly.

Will you regret: - When you are going to end up your relationship you will get a little tensed .not only before but even after uttering those words. So before breaking up, think whether you will regret this decision or not. If you know that the two of you have tried your best and it still didn’t work then you might not regret that much.

Is your decision influenced: - Think clearly, if some of your friends or family members did something to influence your decision? Analyze their motives, they might have some selfish reason from your breakup. Always make sure to be confident and at peace with your decision.

Life after Breakup: - Before ending your relationship thinks in advance what your life will be post break up. Because things will change your partner won’t be there for you all the time. Your social life will change drastically. You daily routine will be very different. Though the fear of change should never force you to stay in a toxic relationship because change is inevitable.

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