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What Your Nail Color Says About Your Personality

Whether you believe it or not our nails paints shows a lot about our personality. Let’s have a look at some of the nail paint colors with associated personality characteristics.

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Red: - Red Is the most glamorous color, it looks bold, passionate, and confident. It shows someone who is daring, dramatic and outgoing. Those who wear red are not afraid to be in the spotlight.


Orange: - Orange is the most cheerful color out there, girls who have bubbly and energetic personality loves this color. Women who wear this shade are generous, sociable and fun loving.


Yellow: - Yellow signifies sun and warmth. Also, it is one color which you can’t ignore. If you love applying nail paints of this shade, you are spontaneous, extrovert and have a unique sense of style.


Lavender: - Lavender is one of the soft shades of purple and lilac, this shade is graceful and it shows the feminine side of a woman.


Purple: - Woman who is a bit creative love wearing this gorgeous mix of blue and red. This nail paint shows that you have an artistic side, individualistic personality and not afraid to be in the limelight.


Pale Pink: - The pale pink shows someone who is introvert and youthful. A woman who likes this shade are very groomed and well –maintained.

plae pink 

Nude: - Nude shades are for girls who like going to beaches and are glamourous.They don’t like to follow any specific color trend. They are pretty and feminine and not very high maintenance.


Black : - Black is the darkest of all colors. This shade signifies the rebellious nature of a woman. It also shows the dark side of your personality.


White: - This is the classic nail paint. Not many women prefer wearing it. It signifies that a woman is classic and confident. They know what they like and once they set their mind to something they can achieve it.


Neon: - Neon shows the energetic side of a woman. It also shows that woman is talkative and has an attitude of” you live only once “.Woman with neon nail paint are the life of the party and easily converse with new people.


Blue: - Blue is the most liked color. It shows that a woman is fun loving and likes to experiment. Woman with these nail paints are full of life and excitement.


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