Diksha Ramola
7 years ago
5 Amazing Tips To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Glasses And Collars

There are five ways to prevent our lipstick from transferring..

1. Wear A Lip Liner: Wear a Lip Liner is good idea for avoid lipstick stain on glasses and collars. A lip liner gives shape to our lips and create depth, after that we apply the lipstick. We can keep our favourite colour safe and make our Makeup and lipstick long lasting.

2. Try A Lip Primer: A Lip Primer provides flawless base to our lips. This primer formula increase the longevity to our lipstick colour as well as prevents from lipstick stains on glasses and collars.

3. Remember To Blot: It's help us to prevent shifting the makeup and lipstick. It's a simple & effective trick.

4. Powder Up: After applying the lipstick we take some compact on the brush according our choise and use it over the lipstick.

5. Try Foundation: It's also like as lip liner, helps the holding lipstick place, firstly use some foundation befor applying lipstick. It works as a base for lipstick.


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