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7 years ago
Science identifies how your name alters your face and expressions

In A recent study researchers found out that owing to the cultural stereotypes that people associate with names, they can correctly match a stranger's name to his or her face.

It also found out that stereotypes expectation of other affects what we become. For example, if a person has name bob, people will more likely imagine bob to have a rounder face shape and for Tim people will more likely image Tim as same who is thin and have a small face. These types of stereotypes can affect the facial appearance of a person. Facial appearance represents social expectations of how a person with a particular name should look. In this way, a social tag may influence one's facial appearance.
The main reason for this is people altering their appearance to comply with the cultural norms and cues associated with their names- like changing the areas of the face, such as hairstyle or smiling in a certain way.

In study participants were shown a photograph and asked to select the given name that corresponded to the face from a list of four or five names. The participants were 25-40% accurate, at matching the name to the face. In one of the other experiment, the researchers trained a computer, using a learning algorithm, to match names to faces. The computer was 54-64% accurate in matching names and face shape.


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