Many times it happens that we are getting ready for some party and realize that our eyebrows are not well defined as we want it to be. At such times, neither we can afford to go give and get eyebrow threading nor are we skilled enough to thread them properly at home. At such times, if we keep few tips in mind then definitely we can handle such situations perfectly. Here are some tips which will definitely help you in getting your eyebrows done perfectly within no time –deals

# The shape of your eyebrows is generally same so just brush hair strands in an upward motion and then trim hair looking longer. Make sure not to trim extra otherwise you might end up with weird eyebrows.

# If you are one of those having less hair in eyebrows then just highlight the sparse areas using an eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencils work wonder but steer clear off pencils which give greasy look. Instead, take smooth and light texture pencil which will give you smooth and natural looking eyebrows.

# If you are into the habit of tweezing and are pretty good at it then there is no need to worry about bad eyebrows. While tweezing, just hold skin taut with a free hand so as to cause lesser pain. Actually, the skin around eyes is very soft and sensitive and it pains a lot if you don’t pluck hair with proper caution.

The best and the painless and also quickest way to make eyebrows look groomed is using gel. Brush hair strands onwards and applies clear gel which will set hair in place. Gel also makes eyebrows look fuller and groomed properly. Instead of gel, you can also use brows creams which assist in setting brows hair well and fill hair up precisely.
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