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7 years ago
How to control dandruff in winter

How to control dandruff in winter

Dandruff in winters is very common problem and if you did not take measures to control it at the very beginning then it may prove very dangerous for hair. Dandruff is a major cause of hair fall, scalp itching, scalp fungus and reduced hair growth.
Here are few measures you can take to get rid of dandruff in winters –

# Take tea tree oil and mix it with coconut oil and then apply it on scalp. Massage scalp properly so that it gets deep into roots. After one hour wash it.

# Due to its anti-bacterial properties ginger is a very good remedy to get rid of dandruff. Take out juice from ginger and apply on scalp and then wash after some time.

# Mix two tbsp of baking soda with two tbsp water, make paste and apply on scalp. This is perfect remedy to remove flaky patches on scalp.
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