Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
Why Should You Eat Carrots As Snacks?

Nutritional Value of Carrots
With its crunchy texture and sweet taste, carrots are very high in vitamins and dietary fibre, thus necessary part of our every day nutrition. Without cholesterol and only 41 calories per 100 grams, carrots are very lucrative.They are known to be one of the essential vegetables for our vision and skin. Due to the carotenes and vitamin A, they are natural anti-oxidants. Fresh roots are known to be excellent source of vitamin C. As another anti-oxidant, vitamin C maintains healthy connective tissue in the body. It protects against free radicals as well.It is also important to mention that carrots contain free sugar such as glucose, sucrose, xylose and fructose.

Health Benefits of Carrots​:
1.Carrots are for the vision and for the prevention of different vision disorders.
2.Carrots are necessary for the prevention of different heart diseases
3.Carrots are necessary for the skin protection, both from the inside and outside. 
4.Carrots are used as facial mask.

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