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7 years ago
How to Give Yourself an Awesome DIY Manicure (Just Like at a Salon!)

How to Giving Yourself an Awesome DIY Manicure (Just Like at a Salon!):

The idea of doing a manicure at home with yourself is best, we can save our money and use that money for buying the best, chemical-free product, and save our own time also. We can give you the best manicure at home just like at a salon. It's also the part of Beauty India Digital

We have to need to know that what we'll need for a manicure...

1. Non-acetone nail polish remover and organic cotton balls
2. Nail file
3. Buffing block
4. Orangewood stick
5. Cuticle oil
6. Nail oil
7. Nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat)

1. Start with a clean slate: Before we start our manicure, we'll want to start a clean slate with us. It's used for removing the nail polish. After cleaning the nail polish, we need to give the shape of our nails. Using the nail file and filer, we can cut our nail according to our desire length. As well as we can give the shape and rough any spot.

2. Get soaking: In this process, we can give our nail a slow hand massage, by this our nail gets the moisture, softness, feel relax and exfoliate any dead skin of the fingers.

3. Moisturise: In this process, we mix some drops of lavender essential oil with our nail oil and take the stick for push the cuticle back. During massage of our hands and nails, we should use the best moisturiser for the massage, it makes our nails full of moisture.

4. Get yo polish on: In the end, we need to polish on the nail. We should apply firstly base on nails after that apply again the polish in two thinner layers. The Way of applying polish is starting from the mid of the nail and then move out towards the edges. After that, we can add with this sparkle, sticker after nail polishing.

5. Don’t move: After finishing, we have to stay at one place. Don't move and let's take the time of nails to dry.

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