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7 years ago
How to Get Into the Habit of Clean Eating

Eating good means feeling good and looking good! It is very obvious that if we have good dietary habits then we feelenergised to work and fit body makes us look good. There are few good eating habits which everyone should always try to inculcate in them so as to stay fit and healthy –

Always Read Nutrition Label – Before buying anything always read nutrition label carefully. Nutrition label contains the list of ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product. Sometimes even healthy products may contain unhealthy ingredients. To be on the safer side you should try to consume products with minimum ingredients or foods that don’t need a label.

Avoid processed food – Highly processed foods are very less in nutrition and contain added chemicals and preservatives. Some foods are processed just for convenience which is good to eat but not to take highly processed food. Include green vegetables and leafy foods into your diet. Plant-based foods are good for health as these are rich in nutrition and protein.

Eat Less Sugar –Sugar is very harmful and it is the reason of many diseases like diabetes and abnormal metabolism. Natural sugar like honey and molasses are the good alternative to artificial sugar. So always avoid things made with added sugar.

Take Balanced Diet –you should eat the balanced diet full with whole grain cereals, pulses, green and leafy vegetables. Keep balanced diet so that your body should get all the nutrition required for growth and strength. To make a healthy diet choose nuts, egg whites, lean meats, beans and whole grains.

Drink Water – When it comes to drinking water then always make sure to drink enough water so as to stay hydrated. Expert recommends drinking six to eight glasses or approx 2 liters water every day. However, the amount varies depending upon the age, working activities, and climate. Foods such as oranges, watermelons, and cucumbers are the good source of minerals and contain 80 to 95 percent water.     

Lead Stress-Free Routine – Always keep your life free from all sort of tensions and stress. Stress is the major reason behind many diseases like obesity and depression. Make habit of meditation and exercise in the regular routine.

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