Women need to look beautiful in all age group as they are made to be beautiful naturally regardless of their colour and age. There comes an age when women are required to take more care of their food, cosmetic products, and outfits so as to make themselves look younger. As women ages above 35 years then looking younger becomes one the most important priority in their beauty targets. If we make few changes in our hair and makeup styles then, of course, we can make our appearance look a little younger than our biological age. Below are given few such beauty hacks which you can try-

Avoid Black Colour Eyeliner - Black
colour eyeliner puts emphasis on eyes making them look very harsh which does not look nice when we start aging. Though this colour makes eyes look wide and appealing but it does not look nice after a certain age. Trying colours like plum and brown will definitely make difference and it will also make your eyes look more warm and gracious.

Use Lighter Hair Colour Get your hair
coloured in lighter colours like natural brown, light blonde, chocolate rose gold and gray ombre. The lighter colour of hair turns to focus on your complexion and gives you sober and fresh look.

Moisture – as you start getting old your skin needs more moisture. If you do not moisture your skin properly then it will start showing sign of aging like fine lines and patches. So start using highly moisturized creams and serums which keep your skin properly moisturized. Opt for good quality products with moisture base and avoid powder based products.

Avoid Glitter and Shimmer –  Using glitter and shimmer does not go well after a certain age. Glittery and shimmery makeup puts a focus on fine lines which highlights your age. So always use makeup with a dewy finish at this age.

Haircut – Haircut like bangs and fringes makes you look younger and also changes face appearance. Bangs and fringe haircut hides forehead fine lines and makes you look really very youthful.    

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