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7 years ago
Amazing Acupuncture for Hair Loss That Everyone Should Try Once!

Stress is undeniably the most important reason for your hair loss. Hence, it becomes inevitable for you to stay calm and at peace. Plenty of ways can be suggested to you to treat the hair fall and the depleting hair line. 
Acupuncture for Hair Loss:
Acupuncture has been a cure for various ailments and dates back to 1600 BC. Acupuncture is a sort of alternative therapy wherein you apply pressure on certain parts of the body in order to stimulate the flow of chi (Chinese reference for ‘life energy’) which promotes the self healing properties of the body. The concept suggests that the chi flows in a path known as meridians. 
I’ll first tell you about different Acupuncture for hair loss and also let you know how you can perform acupuncture for hair loss on yourself.
1. Paihui Point or GV20: The Paihui point is situated at the top of your head. It is said that this particular point is very effective in improvising blood circulation to your head. 
2. GV12 and GV14:Just like Paihui, the Acupuncture pressure points GV12 as well as GV14 are also situated on your head they are known as the vessel meridians of governance.
3. LI1: This particular acupuncture point can be found right below the lumbar vertebrae at the first which corresponds to your large intestine. 
4. LU6, LU7, LU9: These three important acupuncture points are situated at the lung meridian and can be extremely helpful.
5. B13: Situate three of your fingers in congruence with the scapula which is between your shoulder blade and spine and rub or press vigorously.
Since you have now understood how helpful acupuncture for hair loss and the entire body, don’t you think you should be giving it a try? Besides, it is totally easy and economic when you treat yourself with these techniques.

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