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What not to do during periods?

Periods create very discomfort and women suffer from acute pain and mood swings during these days. Due to taboo involved in it many women keeps it very secret. Actually, there is nothing like keeping it secret as it is a very natural process and during these days women just need to take rest and take care of her dietary habits. There are few things which you should avoid during period/menstruation in order to lower the body strain and keep your mood under control.

# During the period you should increase the intake of protein as it lowers pain. Eat whole wheat grains, pulses, beans, lean meat, and fish as these contain protein. Avoid eating junk and spicy and dairy products as it may result in inflammation and cramps during these days.

# If you are feeling terrible pains then take rest in your bed. Avoid physical work and going gym during these days. If you feel very depressed while on the bed for whole time then you can go for a walk as it may let you feel relaxed.

# Don’t skip meals in these days as period take out blood from your body and if you don’t eat then it may make you weak.

# Don’t indulge in unprotected sex during these days because chances of getting pregnant are higher during these days. Intercourse during the period may also cause infections so it is better to avoid.

# Don’t watch emotional and romantic movies. Mood swings are high during these days and such movies may heighten your sensitivity. Rather watch comedy movies to lighten your mood.

# Don’t use one pad or tampon or menstrual cup for more than 4-5 hours. Change it every 4-5 hours in order to prevent bacteria from developing as well as avoid the nasty smell.

# Hope these things are going to provide you some relief in your period days and keep you comforted!


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