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Hectic traveling schedule, continuous journey, impromptu diet, pollution and changing weather are some of the most commonly faced problems during travel. No matter, what modes of transportation you are using for commuting like bus, train or own vehicle, travelling is always very hectic and it shows on your face. Travelling affects skin by making it look dull and tired if you do not take proper care of it during your travelling. There are few tips which you can follow to keep yourself full of energy as well as protect your skin during your travel –

Moisturise skin Moisturise your skin very well before you start your journey. Moisturised skin will maintain skin protection even in adverse weather. Direct sunlight and breeze provides harm to the skin by making skin tan and dries so using moisturiser are very important.

Apply SunscreenAlways apply high SPF sunscreen to save skin from harmful UV rays. It will help your skin in protecting itself from tanning as well as slows the process of aging.

Skin Cleanser During travel you come across to various types of weather conditions and differently polluted places so keeping skin cleansed at such times is most indispensable. Never forget to clean skin whenever you come back to your homestay after spending the whole day travelling out. Staying out attract dust and dirt to the skin which gets accumulated and fills in pores if you do not clean regularly.

Comfortable clothing The most important part of travelling is to wear comfortable clothing. Travelling requires you to sit at one place for a long time and if your clothes are tight or uncomfortable then you can not enjoy your journey well. So wearing comfortable and a bit loose clothes during travel might make your travel very interesting.

Drink water  If you want to keep your body hydrated during travel then drink enough water. Water will save your body from dehydration as well as keep your skin look healthy.
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