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7 years ago
Things Your Friend With Anxiety Wants You To Know

 It's Not For Getting Attention: - Most of us think that those who have panic attacks are wannabe.They are crying for attention. But it's time we realize that it is a mental health issue. Nobody wants the attention instead it is humiliating for people who have anxiety attacks. It is not easy to for other people to understand thoughts and patterns. But we should try not to judge anybody just because they are reacting differently.

Irrational Thoughts and Patterns: - One of the key elements of anxiety disorder is that phobias are not rational. They are just a moment of high emotions related to certain things about which normal people are hardly nervous about. Most of the time anxiety patients wonder about how to cope up with their crazy fears.

Don’t Share Information about their health unless they approve: - People are still not very open about discussing anxiety. If a person suffering from anxiety tells you about their illness then you should maintain the privacy. Don’t blabber about their illness in your friend's group even if you are concerned about them. It might be possible that they have only told you, about it.

You can ask the question: -Understanding someone else's illness is not that easy and anxiety patients understand that too. If you ask a question from them they will answer. If you have never suffered from it, you will never understand how it feels so it is really nice to gain some information.
Your Support Matters: - Having a friend who has constant anxiety attacks is unfortunate. But what you can do as a friend is support them as much as you can. Stick with them when they need you and keep the happy.


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