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7 years ago
Confession Of A Girl Who is still sleeping with her ex

I broke up with my ex right after college and he met me again after 1 year. At that time I was in another relationship. I started meeting him and kept cheating on my partner with my ex. The reason I kept cheating on my partner was because I thought that I will get him back. Every time I spent time with my boyfriend, I feel guilty because he still thinks I am loyal to him but I am not. I was stuck in between. But here are few things I want to confess about my relationship with my ex:-

He made me go easier on myself: - I slept with my ex and I knew I chose comfort over being smart. But I thought it was the need of the hour. I knew that I was a making a mistake yet I went easy on myself and allowed myself to do that mistake. Because sometimes you should go with what feels right in the moment.

He taught me to never settle for less: - My ex was kind of dominant, our relationship always worked on his thoughts and terms. So I had no control in our relationship, that is why I am going to be more strict on guys, I will date from now on.

He made my cherish my friend: - My friends always were there for me even when I left them to spend some time with my ex. When I feel low over something my ex did they would calm me. No matter how many times went back to him, my friends stood up with me. Even today after I have moved on from my ex my friends are still there for me.

After a while, I stopped my going to my ex and broke up with my boyfriend too. I went to vacation after that to calm my mind and I happily single after that.

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