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6 years ago
Signs You Need To Eat More Food To Lose Weight

Starving yourself is not the right way to lose weight .If you are doing the same you need to stop. Here are some signs which shows that you need to eat more to lose weight.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle: - Many of the women suffer from PCOD and that is why they miss their periods. But it is not necessary that PCOD is the only cause of irregular periods. There are many other reasons which might cause it. For example not eating enough. If you are not taking enough calories then it can justify the irregularity of periods. This happens because the body doesn’t have enough fat to produce the required hormones that trigger 
menstrual cycle.

 Angry and Hungry All The Time: - As per one of the studies if you are on a strict diet it will lead to an angry behavior. If you are trying to lose weight then it advised eating certain fixed amount of food to have enough calories, Don't just keep on cutting food.

Feeling of Unsatisfaction after Meal: - When you are trying to lose weight, you try to eat less but that is not the right thing to do. If you want to cut down your food intake only cut the junk food and eat as much as healthy food. If you eat less you will crave for even more.

Everyday Headaches: - The functioning of the brain depends upon the glucose found in our brain. This glucose comes from the carbohydrates. So if you are not eating enough it will only cause headaches. You will feel dizzy and tired all day.

Hate Working Out: - Eating less won’t do any good if you are not working out. On the contrary eating, enough food is important for energy to make you workout. So if you lack energy you will never want to go to the gym.

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