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7 years ago
Fashion Cheats and Tips for Short Girls to Appear Taller

We all want to look taller.Especially girls who are short or petite they try ever possible thing to add a couple of inches to their height. But isn’t life all about making the best use of what we already have. So here are some tips for all the short girls to look a bit taller.deals

High waist: - High waisted bottoms like high-waisted jeans, skirts, and trousers will elongate your legs. You can also try tucking in to get a clean look and taller look. One more tip chooses pants whose hem hit the floor.

Platform Heels: - Platform heels are the best heels which not only add few inches to your height but also gives you comfort by providing less arch and struggle. You can also wear wedges in a platform style.

Monochrome Outfit: - A monochrome outfit is one which you wear, one color from head to toe. So when you wear the same color for the top as well as for the bottom, it creates an illusion of height. Maxi dresses and jumpsuits are the best kinds of monochromatic outfit or you can simply just wear same color pants
and tops.

Deep V-Neck Blouse: - No matter what type of blouse you are wearing, make sure it is of Deep V Neckline. So when you wear a deep neckline, your upper body is accentuated and this makes you look taller than usual.

Too Much Fabric: - For short girls, it is advisable to avoid too much fabric. Because baggy and loose clothes will only make you look fat. You need some to wear an outfit which fits your body perfectly. Tuck it in or make use of a belt for the right fit.


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