How to Treat Winter-Dry Skin Care

How to Treat Winter-Dry Skin Care

In winter, Our skin can easily dry, rough, we have to care for our skin by using skin care product.
In winter's month December & January, we wear the sweater, woollen scarf, cap, be make our skin itchy as well as dry. Some have sensitive skin, they can not wear a woolen sweater without using skin care product.

In winters everybody need moisture for our body, we have some steps to treat winter:

1.Moisturiser: Go From Thin to Thick
In summers we use thin lotion for save our skin from tanning same as in winters we use moisturiser for moisture our skin, we use an ointment and cream also. We can buy petroleum jelly, it is an ointment and work for moisture and keep soft of our skin.It is the best formula for our dry skin. We can use moisturiser cream in winter, such as Boro plus, fair & lovely, ponds.

2.Winter Complexion Protection: According to our need, there are all products available in the market for a separatly feature.In winter the sun's rays can hurt our skin for that we should SPF Moisturizer.SPF Moisturizer prevents our skin from ultraviolet rays. 

3.Switch Up Your Shower Strategy: In winter we take shower with the hot water that can make rough, itchy, dry, scratchy our skin. To get solve this problem we have to take shower with a little bit warm water or cold water.We can use also moisturiser after taking shower.

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