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7 years ago
How To Love Your Post Baby Body

Freaking out after gaining post pregnancy weight is quite normal, as you skin is sagging, you get stretch marks and extra pounds. You end up feeling like you want to look as good as those celebrities who lost all their pregnancy weight in few weeks but you don’t need to worry. Instead be happy in those early weeks, loving the post baby body. Here are four tips that will help you in that.

Patience: - There is a whole lot of difference between how your body looked before pregnancy and how it is looking after it and it is going to take lots of time, efforts, and patience to go back to how you looked before. So don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself some break. Don’t compare yourself with unrealistic body type and have some patience.

Empowered: - You mood is highly affected by what you think so don’t feel negative when you look yourself in the mirror. See the positive side of it that you have made through such a challenging and discomforting pregnancy time. Keep yourself happy and get in the company of people who can cheer you up or join a support group where you will get to hear stories from another woman who has similar issues.

Setting an Example: - Your baby might not be able to utter words but she definitely looks up to you and learn things that you do. Therefore have a positive self-image of yours in front of her. Also, set a good example by being comfortable in your own skin. Right from the start teach your baby to love your body and embrace it.

Embrace The Change: - It might happen that even after losing the pregnancy weight you might not look how you used to look before pregnancy. You will get stretch marks at many places and various scars. But you should learn to accept it and don’t forget the gorgeous curves you get after pregnancy. Make best use of those curves, invest in new clothes which will fit you perfectly, treat yourself with a haircut or new perfumes and take care of your baby.

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