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7 years ago
Pesticides In Soft Drinks

Do you know that in some parts of India, farmers use coke and Pepsi as pesticides as it is cheaper than the usual pesticides and insecticides? This situation is surely alarming but soft drink companies disagree that they use pesticides in soft drinks.

According to a recent report by the centre for science and environment on the number of pesticides in soft drinks available in Indian market.

In the report, it is being stated that on average 3-5% of different pesticide are present in the soft drinks. These numbers are higher than the data revealed by the bureau of Indian standards, though this data is not yet notified.

The study conducted by CSE had 57 different samples of 11 soft drinks brand from 25 various manufacturing plants of coca-cola and PepsiCo, from all over 12 states.

The pesticide level in some samples, for example, the coca-cola which was purchased from the markets of Kolkata was clearly more by 140 times. Also, the pesticide which was found in these drink were lindane which is a carcinogen, a substance which can cause cancer in the living tissue.

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Also, one of the officials of CSE suggested that a coca cola sample manufactured in thane, Mumbai contained 200 times more pesticides than the actual standard set by BIS.

According to CSE, They released their first finding on pesticide in soft drink three years ago and still, there are no positive changes in the number of pesticides found in the soft drink. They are still unsafe and harmful.

The standard for safety has decided the safety standards but these soft drink companies are totally against it.

In 2003, the level of pesticides found in samples of soft drink from Delhi was found to exceed by 34 times more than the set standard of BIS.But the recent data is 52 times more than the bottle brought in Kolkata and 42 times in bottles from samples from Nainital and Gorakhpur.

One of the insecticides named heptachlor has been banned in India is also found in 71 percent of the samples. These numbers are 4 times higher than BIS standard.

On an average, the pesticides found in all the samples were 11.85 per billion than as per the standard of total pesticides in soft drinks. The Pepsi cola is filled with 30 time’s higher residue on average, whereas coca-cola contained 27 times higher than average.

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