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Increase your Intelligence By This Simple Habit

As per neuroscience, a simple habit which takes only a few minutes of your precious time can sharpen and raise your intelligence level by one-fourth of total intelligence you already have right now.

According to neuroscience there are two types of intelligence, fluid and crystallized intelligence. Fluid intelligence helps you to improve problem solving and logic skills. It includes your creative and innovative mind. Whereas the crystallized intelligence is the ability to use our skill set, information and experienced we have gained over the years. This improves as we age. By reading and collecting information you can increase your crystallized intelligence but it is said that it is hard to fix fluid intelligence. But according to recent, you can improve your fluid intelligence by doing daily meditation. According to a study by the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, if people use a specific breathing meditation, then the
brain waves can help in improving the IQ with long lasting effects. As per one of the studies, published in Consciousness and Cognition, just doing daily meditation for 4 days, participants were found to have improved low-stress level, memory and concentration.

Why Does It Work?

The reason behind meditation improving IQ is, it slows brain wave activity level and let the brain to increase the adaptability and reboot itself. Just by practicing 5 minutes of breathing meditation can bring a positive change in your intelligence.

Following is a step by step guide on how to do this meditation.

•    Sit back and relax in a comfortable position.
•    Close your eyes or you can stare downwards.
•    Observe the physical sensation of breathing.
•    Concentrate on the sensations with every breath.
•    Avoid distractions in your mind.
•    Breathe in and out, whenever your mind doesn’t feel like its calm.

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