Simple 4 ways to apply face cream properly

4 ways to apply face cream properly

Applying face cream does not seem like some tough beauty regime but if you know exactly how to apply face cream properly then definitely it is going to enhance your face beauty. Below are given some ways to apply face cream properly.

a. Wash your face first: You can apply cream anytime in a day, don't need to think for this. You should one thing keep in your mind after face wash is the right way of using cream. You should use face cleanser for face wash.

b. Application on damp skin: You should always apply the cream on your face when your skin gets is a little bit moist so that skin can soak cream properly. Because creams are better able to lock the moisture when it applies on the damp skin.

c. Use small quantities: If you think that apply cream in large quantity is good for your skin, it will glow more then it’s wrong. You should use a small quantity of face cream. Take some face cream and use it by putting
dots around your eyes first then cheeks and rub it for a properly until face cream is absorbed well by skin.

d. Dab it smooth: To make your face skin soft best way is
applying face cream with small spots all over face.

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