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Foods smokers must eat to quit the habit

Smoking is hazardous to health but kicking the smoking habit is not easy. Whether you smoke sometimes or a regular smoker, controlling smoke craving can be really tough. Reason being the nicotine in cigarettes can relieve your stress in few seconds. To quit smoking not only you have to control your urge to smoke but will also have to keep a check on your mood. So let's have a look at some of the food which can help you kick the smoking habit.

Milk: - According to a study drinking milk prior to smoking cigarettes or dipping cigarettes in milk and letting them dry before smoking can make cigarettes taste unappealing. If the cigarettes taste unappealing even if a person is highly addicted to smoking he will not light the cigarette next time.

Vegetables: - Veggies which are more like a snack for e.g. celery, carrots, eggplant, squash, and cucumber. These will not only make you lose weight but they also have similar taste effect like milk. Also, many of the vegetables take longer time to chew so they can keep your mouth busy while you are craving to smoke.

Vitamin C rich Food: - When you smoke cigarettes it finishes off all the vitamin C from the body. Some studies suggest that if we bring back vitamin C in the body it can reduce the cigarette craving. So tries eating all the vitamin C rich foods like oranges, grapefruit and vegetables like broccoli, peppers, kale etc have more vitamins C than oranges.

Snack with lots of salt: - If you like popcorns, salted nuts, and potato chip then there is good news for you. Because adding a little extra salt to these can help in reducing nicotine and tobacco cravings. But if you have high blood pressure makes sure to consult your doctor before eating sodium-rich diet.

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