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7 years ago
How to deal with heavy periods

Heavy periods can be daunting and it affects you physically as well as emotionally. A woman who gets heavy periods has an awful time with an uncontrollable period flow and unbearing period pain. This is known as menorrhagia and it is found in every 1 in 3 women. If you also are affected by heavy periods every month then don’t lose hope. Here are some ways that will help you in dealing with heavy periods.

Maintain A Record: - Keep a record of your menstrual cycle, note it down if the flow is heavy or the months when you have missed period or you are feeling sick, your mood swings so that you will be able to know how your body behaves during that time.

OTC Medicines: - When you are having heavy periods you can take OTC medicines that will reduce hormones that cause pain and inflammation. This also helps in reducing menstrual cramp.

Take Extra Fluid And Salt: - When the period flow is heavy, it might happen that you feel like fainting or your heart might pound, all these are a signs that the blood volume in your body has gone down. For that, you can drink salt-rich diet and fruit and vegetable juices.

Take Iron Supplements For Heavy Bleeding: - Due to heavy blood loss, the iron level in your body gets reduce so you should start taking OTC iron pills a day but make sure to consult your doctor before taking any pill. You can also increase the iron level by eating iron rich foods like green leafy vegetables, red meat etc.
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