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7 years ago
Everyday Yoga Poses To Stay Healthy And Fit

We all have busy schedules and taking out time to so yoga and exercise is not easy for everybody. But we all know how important it is to do yoga and exercises. So here we bring some of the easy yoga poses which you can do at any time of the day while doing other activities.

Morning side stretch: - Do you know when an animal or baby wakes up in the morning they first stretch their body? So, once you are awake make sure to stretch your body in the bed only. The morning side stretch is one of the easiest yoga poses that will help you to wake up completely.

Bathroom Shoulder Opener: - The technology has taken a serious toll on our posture. The most common of all bad posture is the laptop posture. You can get rid of rounded back and slouched shoulders with a bathroom shoulder opener yoga pose. For this, you need to make goal post arms and press your forearm against the door or stall frame in inwards and outwards motion.

Mediation In Shower: - Shower time is the only time when you can have some me time. So close your eyes and try to meditate while showering. You can visualize a blooming flower in your mind or any of your favorite destinations.

Stretch Your Calves: - To stretch your calves, you can always take the opportunity when you are at the signal. Don’t just stand still, pop out your foot at an angle on the curb or a study post. This kind of carve stretching is usually practiced by runner’s as they don’t have to take out any extra time for this.

Bedtime Inversion: - If you have insomnia or sleep trouble then the bed inversion will definitely help you. For this you need to curl on your side with your feet against the wall then turn onto your back, extending your leg up the wall while upholding your heels. Do this for ten minutes.

TV Watching Hamstring Stretch: - When you watch TV you are sitting ideal so to make good use of that time you can try the hamstring stretch. In this while sitting on the couch, bend forward until you feel a stretch. The idea here is to keep your spine long.

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