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7 years ago
How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

If you wish to lose belly fat fast then working on 

Losing waist fat is not a problem now if you just take of few things in your daily routine and follow strict diet regime with regular exercise. Belly fat or waist fat is actually due to some reasons like inactivity, lower level of metabolism, mental stress and poor diet. The below given tips will help you a lot in achieving your goal –

Do workouts for the whole body – Working on belly fat only will not solve the purpose of losing fat until you work on the whole body and for this include cardiovascular exercises, weight lifting, push ups, crunches, running and a crunches in your daily exercise.


Foods – The most important part in losing weight is to eat healthily. You should increase intake of fiber enriched food as these are good for fit metabolism as well as works as satisfies hunger and stops food cravings. Try to have water intake of at least 7 to 8 glass in a day to keep the body hydrated.

Stop sugar – Cut down on sugar intake completely. If you want to lose your belly fat fast then stop eating sugar and sugar items completely.


Go for Body massage – Body massage provides heat to the body which melts body fat. Massage with hot olive oil burn fat cells and helps you in getting tones body.

body massage

Live stress-free – stress is one of the major causes behind belly fat. Try not to have stress in your mind and live life happily. Enjoy your hobbies in your free time because the mind is the main processing unit and if your mind is fit then your body will also be fit.

stress free

Drink lemon and honey water – Drinking warm lemon and honey water in the morning before breakfast is the very good habit and it helps in reducing belly fat.

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