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Best Navratri Fasting Recipes

Navratri is one of the biggest Hindu festivals and it is celebrated twice in a single year.People from the whole nation worship goddess durga in navratri.It is believed that she has nine incarnations and each one of them signify a distinct power. Navratri comes from the word nine prosperous nights. In which people worship goddesses Durga and observe fast.
A large number of people observe fast on all nine days and some fast only on the first and the last day of the festival. During these nine days consumption of non- vegetarian food and alcohol are said to be inauspicious. During these day, people do not even eat grains, onion, and garlic. As according to ayurveda, these foods can absorb negative vibes which should be avoided during this season.

So here we bring different cuisines which you can eat during the Navratri fasting:-

Sabudana Khichdi: -  During the fast, you need energy boosting food and Sabu dana is full of carbohydrates and starch, therefore, perfect for fast.To give it a little twist you can make Sabudana khichdi by adding sabudana, peanuts, and mild spices.

Kuttu ka Dosa:-  Kuttu puris are the most common types of fasting food. But you can a give a south Indian touch to the kuttu .You can make kuttu dosa. Just make the kuttu dosa using the kuttu (buckwheat flour) with a filling of mashed potato.

Aloo Ki Kadhi: - Kadhi is the most favorite north Indian dish. For fast, you can make kadhai using  potato with soothing and light flavors.

Sanwa Rice: - When you are a foodie resisting rice is not an easy task especially on fast. So you can make a pulao from the Sanwa rice(barnyard millet).You can eat this pulao along with raita or curd.

Pumpkin Halwa: - When we eat something sweet it gives us more energy and those who have a sweet make sure to eat something sweet on fast. So if you want to eat something sweet you can try pumpkin halwa. Sprinkle some dry fruits on the top of this halwa and you are good to go.


Milk Shakes: - Some people prefer milk during fast. So how about trying various milkshakes. If you usually drink banana milk shake make sure to drink full dry fruits milkshake this time.

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