Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
How to Determine Your Face Shape?

Have you ever tried to identify what is the shape of your face when you got a compliment that your hairstyle is looking good on your face? Even if somebody asks you a question in general that what is the shape of your face, will you be able to answer it quickly? In the world of beauty, the shape of your face determines what kind of hairstyle will suit you or which type of makeup you should wear. Surprised? Yes, many of us do not know this fact and most of the times are confused about which hairstyle will look good on us either casually or occasionally.In fact, it’s very easy to know how to determine your face shape.
The shape of the face has below mentioned basic different categories –Oblong  Round  Square  Oval  Heart  Triangular, andDiamondStand in front of a large and stationary mirror. The mirror should be so that you can easily touch it as you have to draw an outline on it without touching it.

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