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Having perfectly shaped butt is important for the 
perfect looking body. Just as there are different body shapes so is different butt shapes. As per views of plastic surgeons there four main shapes of women’s buttocks:

Round – “C” or “O” shape
Heart/pear – “A” shape
Inverted – “V” shape
Square – “H” shape

Depending on your weight and your life style you can do few things to have softer shape naturally perfect buttock like exercise for butt shaping and reducing excess weight of body.

Exercise - Exercise is most preferred option to shape your butt. Regular and proper exercise can help you to build out muscles for better shape butt. A strong butt looks sexy butt. Bigger glutes makes your buttock looks rounder and tighter as well as accentuate your natural curves.

Diet – Excess of weight around hips, thighs and butt makes butt look flabby and unshaped. So keep watch on your diet and try to eat healthy diet which helps to lose extra weight as well as keeps your body in shape.

Clothing Choice – Clothing affects body shape and right choice of clothes makes you look thin and lean. So always make sure to choose clothes showing your butt flatter and draw attention to the aspects of your shape that you like, while down-playing any of your less attractive features.

Enhancement Underwear -  If your body shape is such that you lack good looking buttock then the right choice to opt for butt enhancing underwear and shapewear to make your buttock shape looke  the way you want. This is the most inexpensive way to boost your looks and present yourself perfectly to the world.

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