Liquid lipstick is a trend nowadays among women as it’s very easy to apply as well as it stays for long. There are few things which you need to take care in order to make lips look gorgeous in liquid lipstick.

First of all when you are going to apply liquid lipstick then always exfoliate your lips to remove flake and dryness from lips. The best way to exfoliate lips is to use sugar with honey or coffee grounds. Another way is to keep wet towel cloth handy and rub this on your lips to get off flake from lips.

Liquid lipstick is a mix of lipstick pigment and gloss sheen so if you want just opaque pigment then go for one stick coat but for dramatic lips pout apply two, three and four coats or as you find suitable.
If you want your liquid lipstick to look matte then apply deep coats of it and then bloat it using paper which will make it appear matte.

It takes hardly two minutes to apply liquid lipstick and these are meant to be long wearing as well as will not transfer to your cocktail glass.  

So, women, it’s time to go for liquid lipstick in any way either liquid pout or matte lips!
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