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7 years ago
How to Heal A Stiff Neck Naturally

How to Heal A Stiff Neck Naturally- The cause of stiff neck is the wrong position of sleeping, doing more exercise, Tension, Headache, Put more weight on the shoulder.

We have some points for solve this Stiff Neck Problems Such As:- 

1. Neck Exercise- 
Neck Exercise is good for
shoulders, headache, Mind relaxation and neck as well as Doing this will get relief from pain and can sleep easily. Swimming is the best exercise for the neck.

2. Massage- Neck massage is the best way
to this problem, with the soft hand we can massage on the neck for some time and get relief from the pain.

3. Peppermint Oil- Take some warm
Olive oil and add some drops of Peppermint oil, then after massaging on a stiff neck.

4. Turmeric- We use turmeric with milk as a pain killer, it works like
painkiller, mixes it with honey and drink. It is good for body pain also.


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