When you get up in the morning and find your face is puffy and swollen then do you know how to get rid of this?

Actually, a puffy face is caused due to various reasons like allergy, water retention, excessive salt intake and stress. There are few tips which can help you to get rid of puffy face and make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated

Ice cubes – take few ice cubes in the cotton cloth and put this cold compress on the face. Leave it for few minutes. Instead of cubes, you can also use cold water to splash on your face and then pat dry.

Massage – Massage is the perfect remedy to get rid of a puffy face. Lubricate your face with olive oil or any face massage oil and massage gently on your entire face beginning from the forehead. Repeat this for 20-25 minutes and this process will push down excessive fluid in the face to lymph nodes in the neck.

Strawberry Mask – Strawberry mask is good for puffy face and eyes. For making this mask, take two strawberries and make it to the pulp, then add one tablespoon of honey and olive oil each. Mix it properly and apply on face. Leave it for 15 minutes then wash off with cold water.

Exercises – Exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of puffiness. Cardio and weight training improve blood circulation. With regular exercise and proper diet you can, you can easily shed extra weight off your face and make your face look slim.

Fiber intake – Improve your diet with foods containing vitamin, fiber, antioxidants and proteins as it will prevent bloating and water retention in the body. This will renew skin cells and make it glow.

Reduce salt intake – Puffiness is caused due to high salt content in the body. Salt retains water in the body which causes puffiness so reduce salt intake and avoid carbonated drinks.
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