How To Start Running

Running is the easiest way to get fit in very few number of days to start off with running all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and a desire to run. so here we bring a small guide on how to get started with running and stay on track:-

Do Not Land On The Heels: - When you run, a lot of pressure is exerted on your feet. For instance, in 60 seconds a runner steps 60-time son one foot at a force. Thia force is 3-4 times your body weight. So when you land on your feet, the same pressure is exerted on your spine, it sends high shock waves threfore it is recommended to land on midfoot or forefoot. In this way, your leg muscle can handle the pressure.

Stop Leaning Forward: -  Staying upright is important while running. Let think of a situation where a string is attached to your chest. This string goes up to a tree top. This string will give you a feeling of being pulled up. So don't bend the top of the body to forward as this can cause injury. 

Take Small Steps: -  While running your foot should land directly below your hips. If you try to take long steps your foot will land in front of the body with an overstress jerk in the heels and knees that are almost straight. This in not efficient in running.

Fold Your Elbows In: -  Some people have a habit of aggressively swinging their arms across their torso while running. They don't realize that they waste a lot of movement while swinging. Therefore they should fold their elbows in to save that wasted energy. 

Warm Up before Running: -  It always good to so some jogging or stretching before starting running. A warm up will give your muscles, bones, joints a chance to loosen up. It will slowly bring your heart rate and make it easier to get into the rhythm you want to during running.

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