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6 years ago
Reasons Why You Can't Get a Flat Stomach

Do you know that it is the toughest to lose flab from the belly area? No matter how many hours you spend in the gym, eat a healthy diet but sometimes you still can’t lose belly fat then it is pretty demotivating. But you need to understand that there are the various other reason and mistakes to avoid while reducing belly fat Otherwise, they can prohibit the process of belly fat reduction. Here are few of the habits you need to give up to get a flat

Not getting enough sleep: - Running extra hours on the treadmill is good but if you are not taking enough sleep then it is not going to help. As per the study of American journal of epidemiology, women who snooze less than 5 hours gain more weight.


Not Eating The Right Kind Of Proteins: - Are you doing various exercises for belly fat? Exercise alone won’t help if you are not eating right amount and type of proteins. If you just eat red meat or cheese then you will find it hard to remove belly fat. Reason being you are not including lean proteins in your diet. Lean proteins help in building lean muscles even they burns calories, even when you are not working out.


Doing Only Cardio: - By doing cardio, you might lose quite an amount of weight, but that is not enough for losing flab from the belly area. For instance, if you run in the morning, then that won’t help in losing belly fat because to reduce belly fat you need to do add weight training In your regimen.

Not Having Enough Magnesium: - If you want a lean waist, make sure to keep a check on your nutrients intake. A nutrient called magnesium is quite helpful in losing belly fat as it reduces fluid retention and hence you feel less bloated.


Stressing Out: - Your stress level can take a toll on your belly fat reduction plan. It can not only cause acne but and premature gray hairs too. It also produces one of the hormones named as cortisol which is responsible for enlarging the fat cells.


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