How to Have Amazing Hair?

How to Have Amazing Hair?

Here we have two ways to get amazing Hairs..

1. Picking the Right Style for You
2. Maintaining Healthy Hairs

Everyone wants to have amazing hair but in reality, very few people have amazing hair naturally. That’s why people go to the parlour for hair oil massage & haircut. They follow all prescription and advice and work hard for having amazing hair.

Here are some tips to get amazing hair -

1. Picking the Right Style for You: Mostly girls keep the ides of hair cutting already in their mind. They knew that which cutting will suit on their face. According your face you should cut the hair. You can also try some new hair style in front of mirror and see that which one hairstyle suits you.
a. Wear Burn
b. Braid
c. Ponytail

For getting a new style we can wear new hair colour also. Take firstly with a temporary dye and see it suits you or not.

2. Maintaining Healthy Hairs: Here are 8 steps to Maintaining Healthy Hair.

A. You should wash your hair twice in a week not daily and use shampoo to wash your hair once after 2-3 days.
B. During the wash, your hair you should do lightly massage on your scalp with shampoo, should not rub.
C. You should use conditioner on hair after wash every day, it keeps your hair healthy, shiny, & strong.
D. You should wash your hair with the cold water, avoid hot water if it's possible.
E. You should cut away the split ends because having split ends, hair will not grow up easily.
F. You should comb your hair at least one time in a day. After wash doesn’t use the comb until your hair gets dry.
G. You should eat healthy food like fruits, nuts, dry fruits and veggies. It's good for hair growth.
H. Hair oiling is a last but important factor. Take some warm oil and massage it before hair wash.


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