7 beauty Tips by Makeup Artists

7 beauty Tips by Makeup Artists

All people learn something from what they do like makeup course, hair styling course e.t.c. and take advice as well as about their reviews. Some said makeup artists’ course is in trend and some said its worst. But the positive thing we should notice and then follow.

Here are following things makeup artists want you to stop doing-
1. First thing is that you should never apply the makeup in a bad light. Do your makeup in full of light.
2. You should fill your eyebrows very careful and define them after wearing all makeup.
3. You should stop using
wrong colour of foundation; you should have knowledge about your skin tone colour. It will make a big difference in your skin appearance. You will find your skin colour light but your neck colour will be dark.
4. You have to be educated about your products very well, stop using that skin care product and makeup product made from toxic ingredients.
5. One thing you should never try is to buy
new product if you are in rush or busy.
6. You should not compare yourself with the celebrities or models. You are best in your own
life style.
7. Don't apply pencil over your eyebrows, over-pencilling makes your eyebrows odd.


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