5 Habits of People with Healthy Hair

Some women have healthy and gorgeous hairs while the other strives really hard to get healthy luscious hairs. It's not like women with healthy they are born with such hairs, but they really follow some good hair care habits. Although you can also book hair treatment services at salons and parlor  to maintain healthy hairs, but incorporating certain hair care habits will help your hair in the long run.deals

Avoid Hot Tools: - Hot Tools like a blow dryer, curler, and flat iron are big culprits in causing hair damage. If you are one of those women’s who blow dry their hairs every other day, then limit the use of hot appliances up to once a week. Use the hot curling iron and straighteners only when required and use it on the lowest setting possible.

Natural Shampoos over Chemical: - Chemical Shampoo is loaded with chemicals like Sodium Laureate Sulfate and parabens. These chemicals can strip the natural oils from hairs and makes your hair dry, brittle and damaged. Therefore always opt for SLS and paraben free shampoo.

Proteins Based Diet: - Our Hairs are made up of proteins. Hair is a non-essential tissue, therefore, sending proteins to the hairs is not the first priority of our body. Instead, it focuses on essential organs. But if you’re taking a balanced diet, the body will easily distribute proteins to all the organs. Therefore, make sure to take a balanced and protein rich diet.

Deep Conditioning: - Deep Conditioning treatment imparts required moisture to the hairs. If you use a moisturizing conditioner rich in proteins and essential oils. You can provide moisture to the hairs which
helps in combating hair dryness and hair breakage. Deep conditioning, hair treatment also provides hair elasticity and add shine and luster to the hairs.

Regular Trim: - A regular hair trim helps in removing split ends. Split ends are drying and splitting ends which restrict hair growth. Therefore, make sure to get a hair trim in every 8 weeks. This will ensure healthy hair growth.

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