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6 years ago
How Social Media Can Affect Relationships

Attention Seeking Activities: - Some people are taking selfies with their partner all the time without any stop. If this is happening with you too then it is time you consider your relationship. It is good to take few of pictures just to cherish it as a memory but too many selfies are not about preserving memories. Just to get few likes on social media, if they are doing this, then they definitely lack confidence in the relationship or they just want to show off.

PDA Alert: - More than required PDA On social media is not justifiable.The couple who tries to look best on social media might not be doing that great in reality so to compensate that, they do PDA. It is always good to do a maintain a little privacy.But sometimes couples are so fond of each other that they can’t help to post. But if things are going wrong in real life and they are constantly doing online PDA about your relationship then you need to talk.

Inappropriate Activity: - If anyone of you keeps stalking your partner’s profile all the time then this is definitely going to harm the two of you. You might find your partner liking someone else’s picture or they are getting inappropriate comments.This is definitely going to affect your relationship so talk through it .if something makes you uncomfortable Just express it.

Suspicious Pictures: - If you see some objectionable picture of your partner on their social media you will be disturbed automatically. For example, in case you have seen our partners new picture with their ex, it will surely break your heart this kind of matters should also be discussed.

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